Be Selfish to Be Selfless, Because You Can Not Pour From an Empty Cup

Taking time for yourself!

Ever been to a wedding or party where they have a Champagne tower?  Where all the champagne glasses are stacked in a pyramid?  Now think, how do all those glasses get filled? One by one? From bottom to top? NOPE--every single cup is filled from the overflow of the cup above it, and so on and so on. Therefore if the top cup runs dry, all the lower cups will end up with less champagne, get only partly filled, or not filled at all and no one wants that. How can you properly toast the occasion with an empty glass?   


You see the same concept applies to all of us.  In order to give to others it is important to care for and give to ourselves or “fill your own cup” if you will.  That way you can continually give to others from a place of abundance, tranquility and love rather than hectic exhaustion.

We can take time to fill our cups in many different ways. Here are a few ways to get you started:

  • Sip your morning coffee or tea slowly without distractions, even if its only for two mins

  • Go for a walk, alone or with a friend and just enjoy it and your surroundings

  • Yoga

  • Take a bath, or sneak in a few extra minutes in the shower--we highly recommend a bath with a bath bomb and a glass of wine :)

  • Get a massage (this one is our favorite...obviously)  click here to book!!

  • Try a float session! OmFloat  is in ashburn and the couple that runs it is wonderful and knowledgeable about all the benefits of Floating

  • Happy hour

  • Make time to exercise a few days a week; even just 20 mins can make a difference

  • Go running; if you’re up for it, train for a 5k, 10k or a marathon to get in exercise and accomplish a goal

  • Book a vacation

  • Learn something: take an art class, a business class, watch a Ted Talk, or listen to a podcast

  • Put on music and dance around like an idiot

  • Read a book or two

  • Go to the movies

The options are limited only by your imagination. Do what restores your happiness and energy! You can start with 5 minutes a day if that's all you have, but when you shift to taking care of yourself you will immediately start to feel restored and so will the people around you.

So if you want to give and care for others, you have to start with yourself.  Don’t believe me? That’s ok. But listen to the flight attendants on every flight ever. “Secure your own mask before assisting others”  Why? Because you can’t help someone else if you’re passed out on the floor.

If you have any questions about this post, Massage Hope or massage in general feel free to call us at 703-858-2323  or email  and as always thank you for reading!!