It's Our Birthday!! 3 Years of Massage Hope

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Hip Hip Hooray!! Today at Massage Hope we are celebrating three years in business! It’s been an exciting three years and we are so thankful to all our clients for helping us grow.  All your referrals, reviews and support have been instrumental to our success. We hope to continue help forge a healthier you for many years to come. Here are a few things we’ve learned, and some fun things from our first three years.

Races are early!! Don’t get me wrong we LOVE getting out of the office and doing sports massage post race. Meeting and talking to new people about all things massage is really fun, but the setup times for these events are early--before the sun early! Luckily we’ve come up with an unwritten rule that the last one to arrive has to show up with coffee and it's usually Johnny. We’re starting to think he does this on purpose so he can sleep in a few extra minutes, but hey, if it means free coffee and doughnuts then no complaints here!

Our fearless leader returning with our coffee

Our fearless leader returning with our coffee

Even after roughly 30 years of combined experience and thousands of massage hours, there is still so much to learn. We are constantly finding new ways to approach problems, taking classes, reading massage therapy journals and picking up new tips and techniques.  Everybody presents a challenge for us to get our hands on, literally. Karlee is super excited about going to the American Massage Therapy Association’s conference next weekend. We’re all such big massage nerds that she’s actually really excited to be in classrooms for 18 hours, on a weekend, and the rest of us can’t wait to hear what she’s learned! Nerds. All of us. But you know, cool nerds.


Loudoun County is full of awesome business partners! We cannot believe how many business owners, doctors, fitness and other healthcare professionals who have been open and enthusiastic about working with us. It really brings another layer of care to our practice when we can refer a client to another professional we fully trust. Working in tandem with other companies creates a well-rounded approach to our mission of forging a healthier you!!! There are tons of hard-working, supportive, smart, innovative professional in this area. Networking and getting to know more about the LoCo small business community has been eye-opening and fun.  Even the early, before work, breakfast networking meetings which thankfully have plenty of coffee! #didwementionwelikecoffee

We have the BEST clients. We would not be here without you and your amazing support and LOVE! A million thanks.

Note from our Owner and Founder, Johnny Koons:

I personally want to thank everyone for helping make Massage Hope a success. It has only been 3 years but it feels like a lifetime and not in a bad way. An exciting and fabulous lifetime! I have loved every minute of operating this business, from the moment we opened Massage Hope to today and working with such amazingly talented massage therapists. I am excited to enter into our next chapter of adding more massage therapists, more products to help you stay healthy and continue growing our brand hopefully to new locations; sooner rather than later. I hope you all continue to trust us with your massage needs. A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone that supports us and has helped us get to where we are today! 

Johnny Koons