The Partner's guide to Prenatal Massage

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The Dad’s Guide to Prenatal Massage

Hey there Dads-to-be! The owner of Massage Hope is a father of 4 and knows how hard it can be when you feel on the outside of this huge change that is coming to your family.  We want to shed some light on the mysterious prenatal massage. Even if this isn’t your first baby, we hope this will serve as a refresher for you.  

It is never too early or too late to start getting prenatal massage especially with all of the different changes that will happen as the pregnancy continues.  In the earlier days your partner could be dealing with bloating, nausea, hormonal changes, and exhaustion. As the baby grows she may start to experience heartburn, difficulty sleeping comfortably, pain in her back, shoulders, and/or legs, or edema (swelling). Massage can help with almost all of the prenatal symptoms.  

You may be asking yourself, why send my partner to Massage Hope instead of another establishment? Here at Massage Hope we are mostly focused on solution-based massage. Which means that if your partner is experiencing neck and shoulder pain then we will do a massage that will best address those issues as well as help her to relax. We will also create a plan for future massage sessions based on how the pregnancy continues. Additionally we have various ways to make sure your partner is comfortable during her massage whether it’s her positioning with cushions or pillows or making sure she is properly draped (feeling secure even when we are uncovering her legs, back, etc.) throughout the session.

Click image for Julie Cousins' Prenatal Massage Testimonial

Click image for Julie Cousins' Prenatal Massage Testimonial

We have a testimonials section on our webpage where you can read testimonials from Kirk Cousins, Quarterback for the Washington Redskins and his wife, Julie Cousins.  Julie speaks specifically about our prenatal work.  

P.S. A gift card can make you a hero.

If you have questions about this post or massage and general feel free to contact us at 703-858-2323 or email and as always Thanks for reading!