Getting to Know You: Common Questions We Get

With the last month of summer officially here it's busy busy as we all prepare for fall, so we thought we’d share a few little things from our quirky little minds that we want you to know.  

  1. This one is mostly for the women reading… We don’t care if you don’t shave your legs. Honestly, we don’t. I don’t know how many times I go to un-drape (uncover) a woman’s leg to work on it and I hear “omg i’m so sorry I didn't have time to shave my legs”.  It is not something you need to worry about or apologize for. We work on many men too and you know not one of them as ever shaved their legs beforehand (swimmers excluded).  We want you to relax and receive all the healing benefits from massage therapy and a little leg hair is not going to get in our way or bother us in the least! I promise!

  2. We aren’t the jealous type! Please feel free to see any of the therapists here. You staying on track with a massage routine is what is most important to us. Sometimes we go on vacations, change our schedule, get sick, have sick kids, or break our thumb telling a corny joke (true story). We don’t want your massage to go unscheduled and have your progress paused if we are unavailable for a time that works best for you. If you wake up with a tension headache on a Saturday morning and usually see Karlee, I promise you she won’t come in Monday, see that you saw Ron, Rebecca, Gena or Suzanne and get mad or jealous you didn’t wait to see her. I promise! Again, your overall wellness is our team goal here at Massage Hope; it’s why we hire the best and stay on top of our training. Try everyone. It’s cool to have “favorites” but know that we aren’t competitive with each other and all have different approaches to certain conditions so mixing it up can be truly beneficial.

  3. Water water water. Sometime after a session you’ll be sore the next day. Just like after a tough or new workout your muscles have been kneaded and worked during the massage. When we say hydrate or to drink water this is to help keep your muscles working at their greatest capacity post session. Start with the bottle we hand you each session, and if you are sore the next day staying hydrated and light movement, a walk, yoga, stretching, will also help!

  4. We work with teens and kids. If you have a young athlete who is preparing for the fall or high school season or training year round consider adding massage to their routine. Regular sports massage can help they stay on track managing soreness, any injury recovery or staying ahead of any tendinitis or stiffness due to repetitive use as well as being on top of their game!

  5. WE CARE. As I mentioned above we really do care about your health and wellness goals and believe that massage is an excellent addition to your wellness plan. It’s why Hope is in our name, and "We can help forge a healthier you" is our motto.

If you have any questions about this post or massage therapy in general please give us a call at 703-858-2323 or email and as always thanks for reading