Deep tissue to Deep Sleep: Sleep Deprivation and Massage Therapy

Sleep deprivation and sleep issues are reported by approximately 70 million people across America. Massage has wonderful benefits that not only help to make you feel good, but help you to reach deep sleep, and get the rest you deserve!! Find out just how much massage can improve your quality of sleep!

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Massage & Mental Health: Therapeutic Touch after Trauma

Massage & Mental Health Series - Therapeutic touch after trauma introduction. This week we tackle how trauma and its effects can be greatly helped through Therapeutic Massage. If you or someone you know could use our help please contact us or share our post!

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Breathing Tips To Help You Relax During Your Massage

This week Bri from Massage Hope brings us insight to why belly breathing techniques are important to your massage treatments.

Massage Hope strives to not only provide the best massage care possible, but to create an atmosphere of learning and commitment to health. We encourage you to comment, ask question, share and get massage!

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