Cold & Flu season

Should I get a massage if I’m sick?

It may sound like a good idea in theory, but you should not get a massage if you are coming down with something. In fact it can make your cold worse! First you’re going to be lying face down, this could make your head cold worse as the sinuses aren’t meant to drain in this position and the added pressure of the headrest may make you uncomfortably stuffed up. Additionally massage helps to assist with the return of blood to the heart and, along with it, your lymphatic fluid (similar to blood, except clear and carries the vital cells of your immune system). If you are fighting off something, bringing more lymph into the lymph nodes (epicenters where lymph is pooled, cleaned and germs are fought) will create a traffic jam of sorts and you could feel way, way worse as your already overtaxed system now has more to fight. Finally massage rooms are small and cozy, with little ventilation for 30 minutes to 2 hours; so not only will you leave feeling worse but you may also make your therapist sick, which means they can’t work on you next week when you’re feeling better!

It is recommended that you wait a week after symptoms have subsided to resume your massage regimen. At that point your body is ready to start rebuilding its immune system and help you fight off whatever is lurking in the winter air.  

Here is a link to the CDC’s cold prevention webpage:

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