How many massage treatments do I need?

Often times, a client will ask us: Can you get this knot out today? The short answer is No, it took a long time for your body to develop that knot, via repetitive motion, posture, or many even an injury. While we’d love for that to be the case, one session is typically not enough, and the number of sessions will vary from person to person. For example, a stiff neck from recent traveling or sleeping on it wrong the night before may be significantly relieved in 1 or 2 sessions, while hip pain and tight hamstrings from years of running may require regular monthly sessions, sometimes biweekly, weekly if training or recovering from a recent event. Once healthy again, regularly scheduled maintenance sessions can help keep aches, knots and stress that come from everyday life in check, like timely oil changes keep a car’s engine running smoothly. The more regularly you receive massage the longer the benefits will last.

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