Making Massage A Wellness Goal

New You, Healthier You!

We are solidly 10 days into the New Year, are you still rocking those resolutions?  Maybe you dove head first into getting in shape and eating healthy and now you are left sore and hungry, or maybe that’s just me!!! Whatever your goals are it is best to make them S.M.A.R.T goals. Setting goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely will lead to a greater chance of reaching success.* Setting new goals for yourself is exciting, don’t give up!

If your goals include incorporating more wellness into your life, massage can help greatly. For example, if you’re feeling bogged down by stress, getting a massage once a month can help to reduce the levels of stress hormones found in the bloodstream for up to 30 days! That’s only one massage, imagine if it became a habit of yours, leading to even more stress relief, better quality of sleep, and thereby more productive days!

If you got out there and joined a gym, started running, did more yoga, ran a new year’s day race, signed up for a triathlon or some other totally bad-ass fitness goal, massage can help you stay on track. If you are brand new, restarting or revving up these activities, you could be experiencing soreness, tiredness or even pain. Why not add a sports massage to your routine? It can help you to reduce soreness and stay consistent rather than missing workouts watching your new dumbbells and yoga mat gather dust!

Whatever your goals are, staying healthy is easier than getting healthy and we are here to help bring the health benefits of massage to you! Helping forge a healthier you is our goal and our motto, so make a plan, tell a friend, tell your massage therapist and let us help! Now get out there and be awesome!!

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