Sports Massage & What it's all about

What is Sports Massage & how is it different from therapeutic massage?

Sports Massage is therapeutic massage, BUT with one big difference. Your Sports Massage Therapist will go into the massage with an understanding of your sport, the movements that it involves, which muscles are being taxed and the injuries that are common.  An endurance runner has a different pattern of movement than a golfer. Even two athletes in the same sport, playing different positions ie quarterback vs lineman, a goalie vs forward, will be different and have varying goals for a session. Sports massage is based on helping athletes, get the most out of training, performance and keeping you at your absolute best.

Why have a sports massage session?  

Other than trauma from an injury, the most common issue athletes will have is overuse syndromes (tendinitis) from the repetitive motions of your sport. Sports massage is great at helping reduce soreness and inflammation from your hard work too, as well as bringing awareness tightness and changes in your muscle tissue, which can help you make the best of your training.  If you spend any amount of time doing a sport, from archery to zumba, and want to stay as healthy as possible and keep pushing your limits, sports massage can help get you there!

“How soon before a race should I get a sports massage?”

Consider adding massage to your regular training regimen. The more miles you run/bike/swim, or the more training hours you put in,  the more you should be coming in to stay on top of any muscle soreness or changes in movement. The ideal time to get massage is on your recovery day or the day before, but after you’ve trained that day so your body has a day to take in the work and be ready to crush the next workout

Another fantastic time to come in for a sports massage is during your taper week and at least 3 days before the event. This way your muscles can be fully worked on and all the built-up toxins or lactic acid from training, which is released during the massage, will have time to process, leaving you ready to kick major butt in whichever race or competition you’ve been working so hard toward!  

Additionally, a quick, 15 minute massage can be done right before a race to wake & warm up the muscles. So if you see us out at a race/event stop by and take advantage of the free warm up! 

For more info about Massage Hope going LOCO, check out our new dedicated sports massage website

We want to help you reach the goals your training and striving for in the healthiest and best way possible, it’s our passion!! We can help forge a healthier, stronger, faster, you!!