Pain in the neck!!!


Almost everyday we spend some amount of time using technology that is not conducive to our human anatomy. People who have office jobs often spend most of their time at a desk, which often leaves them with discomfort in their upper back and neck. Sitting for an extended period of time puts extra pressure on the spine. And typically as the day drags on the shoulders begin to round forward and posture begins to slump. This becomes problematic as the shoulder tip forward the head must be lifted and tipped back to still see the screen, putting a deeper curve in the cervical spine. As the pec (chest) muscles tighten in this position they pull at the scapula (shoulder blades) which in turn pull on the spine. This is how you get the typical “I carry stress in my upper back and between my shoulders” complaint. This is one of the most common complaints people seek massage for.


Think of your shoulder as a door. The front door handle has The Hulk (your pecs) pulling it open and the other side is little old me (your back muscles) trying desperately to keep the door from moving… Who gets hurt in this scenario? That’s right, I do! Your back is playing a game it can’t win!! Correcting your desk posture, screen height, and taking little breaks will help to strengthen the back. Pec work during a massage will help calm the Hulk down and bring Bruce Banner back, which should help you balance it all out again. When the body is in better balance there will be less strain on the spine and shoulders.

Texting, and looking down at your phone and devices can also put extra weight on your neck and upper back, the article below covers exactly what I would tell you so check it out.  

Here the original article on texting with photos for further reference


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