Massage and Increasing Your Body Awareness.

Welcome to Massage Therapy Awareness Week!!! We will be posting a new topic everyday this week so you don’t have to wait until Wednesday to learn cool new things about Massage Therapy!!  

People ask me all the time: Why should I get a Massage? Or what are the benefits of getting massage on a more regular basis? The number one reason in my opinion is body awareness. Almost every time that I give a massage, the client will say something like, “oh I didn’t know I was sore there” or “I didn’t realize this side was tight too”. Seriously if I had a nickel!!! 

This is important because knowing how your body is carrying itself can only help you. If you are aware that your chest is tight from sitting from a desk at work and therefore causing your neck strain then you can begin to correct it. You will subconsciously be more aware of it as the day goes on.  

Or if you didn’t know your tight hamstrings could be affecting your low back pain you may go into a hard workout or run without stretching, or do a heavy yard work project  and potential hurt yourself, these tiny shifts in your awareness can have dramatic results.

The human body can often adapt to acute (sudden) injury and discomfort quickly. Although you feel pain in one place it could be caused by tightness in another. Or, in some way you have altered your everyday movement pattern to compensate or avoid the pain. Getting regular massage will help you to catch these changes sooner and therefore benefit your overall wellness. There are of course many health benefits of massage therapy, if you are interested in reading more check the benefits/blog tab on our website.


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