Exercise & Pregnancy

Staying Fit While Pregnant

Exercise is arguably one of the most important things a woman can do when expecting a baby. Many women wonder what types and kinds of exercises they can perform or if they are able to continue their regular workout routine?  Fortunately, most workouts that women do pre-pregnancy can be continued during pregnancy. There are exceptions for anything with a high risk of injury, such as mountain biking or boxing and you may need to lower your intensity,  but overall continuing a regimen is one of the best things you can do! 

There are many benefits to exercising while pregnant,

·        Helps reduce backaches, constipation, bloating, & swelling

·        Increases your overall energy

·        Elevates your mood

·        Improves your posture

·        Helps you sleep better

·        Can help to prevent, or treat, gestational diabetes

·        May improve your ability to cope with the labor and have a faster recovery

Even if you haven’t been working out before you became pregnant, there are still ways you can begin to incorporate exercise into your pregnancy. Walking is one of the best ways to start a workout during pregnancy.  Prenatal yoga classes can help keep you limber and strong while having the added benefit of being low impact, (flow yoga offers a prenatal class in their Ashburn location) . Additionally, water aerobics is a great low impact way to get a cardio focused workout, if that is more your style!

Along with starting or continuing a workout program, be sure you are drinking plenty of water before and after your workouts. Keeping yourself well hydrated has plenty of benefits, but it is extremely vital when you are exercising.

So be sure to start implementing your exercise and massage routine for a happy healthy pregnancy. We can help forge a healthier you!

*Always consult your doctor or midwife about your current exercise program or when starting a new one*

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