What is a Knot: A quick explanation of Trigger Points

What is a Knot?

Knots in the muscle tissue are called Trigger Points (TrPs) and they are described as an area of hypersensitivity in a tissue, most often a band of muscle fibers. We call them “knots” because that is what they feel like, and microscopically the muscle tissue has many “stuck” contractions or knots in its fibers. TrPs will be painful when pressed on and can transmit pain to other areas as well. TrPs develop as a result of trauma to the tissue, poor posture, repetitive strain or overuse. Many deep tissue massages include TrP work to help deactivate the knot and thereby relieve pain and restore the function of the muscle/tissue.*

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*This information comes mostly from Tappan Handbook of Healing Massage Techniques. Benajamin, 2010