Myofascial Release Technique

What is Myofascial Release Technique?

Myofascial Release Technique is the use of pressure and stretches to release fascia that is tight and sticking to surrounding tissue due to immobility, overuse or trauma. While your Massage Hope Therapist is accesing your muscles and connective soft tissues, he/she will find areas with trigger points and overall tightness. Stretching the tissue while applying pressure can help warm the fascia tissue to a more jelly like state. At this point, your massage therapist's goal is to restore the effected area, reducing tightness and overall pain.

Another way to explain what fascia is is with chicken breast. Next time you buy chicken breast and take off the tenderloin (chicken finger)  piece, you will notice a thin layer of tissue that is holding those muscles together. Kind of gross but that is the fascia...

One more interesting note about fascia is that it is one giant system connecting everything. It is not separate attachments as our muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and organs are. This jelly like sticky material is stretched and pulled with every movement.  If you fascia starts getting tight and dysfunction sets in, it can make it hard to stretch and release those muscles without the proper Myofascial Release Techniques.

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